Croissants Don’t Grow on Trees

To UBI, or not to UBI—that is the question.

Switzerland is about to make history as the first country in the world to vote on an unconditional basic income, or UBI, for its citizens. Whether they spend their days working or playing, Swiss adults would collect 2,500 CHF (roughly $2,600 or 1,700£) and Swiss children 625 CHF each month for life. 

Changing of the Guard, Swiss-Style

Are you a Swiss male, under 30, taller than 174cm (5ft 8.5in), a practicing Catholic, and have military training? Willing to remain single and only permitted to marry under certain circumstances, while living in shared accommodation with colleagues? Excited at the prospect of a 1,300 euro a month salary, roughly the equivalent of an au-pair in Switzerland? Then the Swiss Guard wants you!



Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

The blogosphere is already brimming with adventurous folks who travel the globe and share their experiences with loyal readers. No destination is too off-the-beaten-path; no event is too bizarre. They hike the Himalayas, sail with South Seas pirates, or scarier, order Mexican food in Poland. Not me.